Flashbacks: A Moment in Time

Most of the time readers, especially younger readers, hate flashbacks and try to skip them as much as possible. So why does the author care about writing them if no one is going to read them? In Between Shades of Grey, the author uses flashbacks to make the characters not only seem human and give insight on what is going on, but to also show how time and tragic events have changed the characters. In several cases, Ruta Sepetys shows us a flashback and it connects to what is going on in the story, but sometimes the flashbacks do not seem to match what is going on at the time.

For example, a flashback of seeing them human and seeing how their lives were changing was in the ninth chapter when the lovely family of the Vilkas taking a family photography shoot, meanwhile, they were on a cattle car heading to a place away from home. Another example of a flashback of something that does not seem to fit was in chapter seventeen where Lina sees a pastel rainbow in her flashback but meanwhile she is getting a break from riding on the cattle car. In this flashback the connection the reader was suppose to get was that hope and light can be found in the darkest of places. For the mentioning of the pastel rainbow, here is one for you.

So is flashbacks really that important to the story and other stories like it? I will leave that for you to decide. Here are some links to information on flashbacks and Between Shades of Grey: Some quotes from the book, flashback and foreshadowing video, and book review (spoiler free). I hope you have enjoyed this post, and have a good day! (Sources below as always.)


Pastel Rainbow

First link

Flashback video

Book review



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