Background History On the Book

This book, Between Shades of Grey, took place in World War II. According to the first video in my first post, not many people know that Stalin “killed over twenty million people”. It shows how much people do not know their history. Here’s two images of the tragic events that occurred during this time. For younger viewers, I have picked not so graphic photos.

As you can guess, the people who were taken by the Soviets worked day to night. For those people who can not believe the pictures and facts, here is some information on Lithuanians in “displaced persons” camps. To those who do, look at the link for some interesting information. Warning: There is disturbing and frightening images featured here. 

When people talk about these horrible events, there is normally a powerful, cruel force behind it. In this case, this evil force is called Joseph Stalin. For some information on him, here is a biography on Stalin. It important to realize that these kinds of people can be anyone: your best friend, that kid down the street, or that man who can never seem to get any customers in his shop. Maybe history can repeat itself. Maybe it cannot. Here is a link that may give you a side.

Well, that’s all for today. I hope you have enjoyed this post.  Below are my sources. Have a great day!


Photos of people working


Does history repeat itself?

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