Let’s Get Started, Shall We?

Before I even start to talk about this book, let’s watch a video on the author talking about the book and some history in that time period here. Okay, now that we have a grasp of what is going on in the time frame of the book, let’s talk about the characters.

Lina Vilkas

Lina Vilkas is our main character and our protagonist. She is fifteen years old at the beginning of this book and loves to make art and read, which is important to the story and plot. Lina shows us several flashbacks of her life in Lithuania before being taken away from her home that are relevant to the story. I will make a post about the flashbacks as well as the time period that the book is happening in.

Jonas Vilkas

Jonas Vilkas is Lina’s brother and he follows Lina on her long hard journey. You see him grow up throughout the book and the tragic events that happen and is beloved by most of the characters in the book due to his sweet and innocent personality.

Elena Vilkas

As mother of Lina and Jonas, Elena tries to take care of them in this tragic time by making huge sacrifices, like giving them her rations of food and keeping them safe no matter what.

Kostas Vilkas

Lina’s father, Kostas, is separated from the family and for most of the book, Lina is trying to get in contact with him through her artwork and bring him back to the family.

Andrius Arvydas

Andrius is a seventeen year old boy who Lina met on the train. He is an important character because he helps Lina and her family several times on the way to where the Soviets are taking them.

There are several other characters but the ones I have just mentioned are the major characters. If you would like to know more about the book without spoilers, click this lovely review here. It talks about the plot, the writing, the characters, and gives a summary without spoiling the book. For even more details on the book, read reviews and a summary here. WARNING: Some reviews have spoilers. 

Well, that’s all for today. See you guys next time!


First video

Second video

Summary and reviews site

Photo at the beginning

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